Scrap Prices

Call us at 2221034885 or send us an e-mail to receive an offer for your Scrap materials.

Cables Small Cross sections
Insulated copper cables (3 * 1.5 3 * 2.5 ... sections)
Cables Large Cross section
Electrical wiring cables
Copper From Cables
Pure copper from cables (not burned copper, only from cables)
Copper tubes
From plumbing and electrical installations, or tinned copper.
Magnetic Transformers
From electrical and electronics.
Medium and High Voltage Transformers
From electrical installations
All kinds of motors along with their copper winding
All kinds of motors along with their copper winding-no oil
Bronze taps-without impurities.
Bronze taps-batteries without plastic and impurities.
(Ελληνικά) Εξαρτήματα/ορειχάλκινες μπαταρίες με σπιράλ-xερούλια-βάνες.

Tιμή Αγοράς με παράδοση στην έδρα μας: από 3,25 €/Kg

Stainless Steel
Stainless materials free of impurities
Lead Pipes
Pipes made of extrusion without other extraneous matter
Aluminum (Ελληνικά) Ακαθάριστο
(Ελληνικά) Αλουμίνιο ακαθάριστο (βίδες ή μικρά τεμάχια με ξένες ύλες)

Tιμή Αγοράς με παράδοση στην έδρα μας: από 0,30€/Kg

Aluminum Profile
Aluminum from non-irradiated frames-plastic-glazing and other extraneous materials
Aluminum Hard
From industrial articles free of impurities
Aluminum Soft
Aluminum film free of impurities
Fridge Aluminium
Without plastics and other impurities
Aluminum Cans
Aluminum cans
Rims Aluminium
Free of impurities
Aluminum Typewriter
Aluminum produced by printing
Brass-Aluminum Refrigerators
Curtains clear of plastics-irons and other extraneous matter
Lead Batteries
Batteries for cars, boats, alarms, ups, safety luminaires, etc.
Big appliances
Big appliances
(Ελληνικά) Φωτιστικά

Η εταιρεία μας είναι αδειοδοτημένη για την ανακύκλωση τους

Scrap iron without other materials
Small appliances
All kind of small appliances
Big appliances
Big appliances
Lamp recycling
weee for reuse
weee for reuse
Μetals for sale
Scrap metals for sale
(Ελληνικά) Απομαγνητισμός Σκληρών Δίσκων
(Ελληνικά) Πιστοποιημένη και ασφαλής διαγραφή δεδομένων (καλέστε με για προσφορά)

pcb category C
PCBs from appliances
hard discs
hard discs
motherboards without battery and aluminium
ram cards
ram cards
dvd - cd rom
dvd - cd rom from pc towers
power supplies with cables
power supplies with cables
mobile phones without battery
mobile phones without battery old or new
pc towers
pc towers with boards


-We are the only lamp recycling plant in Greece. For the above materials, our company collaborates with Collective Systems for Alternative Management of WEEE.
– What materials WE ARE NOT BUYING: -Paper -Compressor Paper -Pumps Metallic -Silver (Buy it on occasion) -Plastic -Glaze -Labs etc.
– Foreign materials will not be purchased by our company and may be returned to the sender. – For any information please contact us at the following numbers: 6951683885,2221034885-Andreas Fafoutis or at AFAFOUTIS@OIKOKIKLIOS.GR – Deliveries at our headquarters are subject to consultation.
– Our company can provide you with any clarification about the correct completion of the scrap materials registry receipt from your company.
– For Scrap materials NOT included in the price list please contact us.- Finalization and quantification will be done upon receipt with your delivery note at our headquarters where the billing of the original document follows