Collection Points

OIKOKIKLIOS Industrial and Commercial SA has the only lamp recycling plant in Greece. The company cooperates, with regard to WEEE (Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment), with the collective alternative management system of Fotokiklosi SA, which provides the organization of collection, storage, transportation, treatment of WEEE waste with the best and most appropriate methods. The company also seeks to co-operate with the rest of the country’s collective alternative waste management systems for the overall recycling of at least the light bulbs, of which up to now large quantities are shipped for recycling outside Greece. The materials resulting from the production process are sent for further management and recycling to the domestic industry.

– OIKOKIKLIOS Industrial and Commercial SA, in addition to the WEEE collection, which has more than 7000 locations across Greece, has developed a scrap collection network with more than 1000 locations all over Greece. The collection of material scrap for recycling is done from point to point and the weighing of materials is done at the customer’s premises.